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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Welcome to Outer Banks Revealed!  This blog will be a wealth of information on the barrier islands in North Carolina.   If you have visited the Outer Banks, are currently living there or if you are planning on vacationing in OBX- this is the site for you.

It all started 10 years ago when friends of ours decided we should go on vacation together during the summer.  Not wanting to frequent the Jersey shore (way before the show)- we literally took out a map and randomly dropped a coin on the eastern seaboard.  The coin landed on a little town called Duck in the northern Outer Banks of North Carolina.   We  drove down and had one of the most wonderful experiences there. 

We continued to travel down each year until finally we were able to buy a little piece of heaven down there.  We now travel down throughout the year and have befriended many business owners and locals who have guided us to wonderful restaurants, great events and beautiful beaches. 

I want to share my experiences with others and help guide visitors to great shops, restaurants and tips to make your vacation in the Outer Banks a memorable one!